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Gordon R. Dodge, Ph.D., LP- Clinical Director- Responsible for directing clinical services

Charlotte Stack, CNS, ARNP- Administrative Director (Forest Lake)- Responsible for Fiscal services and shared clinical management, Psychiatric assessments and medication management with adults

Bruce Cross, MA, LMFT (Forest Lake)- Individual therapy for adults and children ages 6-18.  Marriage, couples and family therapy.  In-Home therapy.  Christian based counseling.  Other specialties include: Abuse, both physical and sexual.  ADD/ADHD, Adjustment disorders, Affective Mood disorders, Anger management, Anxiety disorders, Autism/Asbergers and Post-Traumatic Stress.

Guy Strauss, MA, LP (Forest Lake)- Individuals and couples therapy with adults and teens 18+, treating issues of depression, anxiety, trauma and loss.  Common issues include financial, vocational and relationship challenges, chemical dependency, and men's anger management, cognitive behavioral, strategic and other interventions applied as required by client needs.  Sensitive to individual differences in cultural, spiritual gender, and economic status. Mens Domestic Abuse Group. Psychological Evaluations.

Donald E. Horton, JD, MA, LPC (Stillwater)- Marriage and family therapy, stress management, bereavement counseling, veterans and military families, PTSD, gambling addiction, chronic pain management, spirituality and healing, complementary therapies and healing practices, mediation and employment issues.

Beth Breen, MSW, LICSW (St. Paul) - Individual therapy for children (5+) and adults. Specializing in therapy with adolescents and women, marriage/couples and family therapy. Other specialties include: depression, anxiety disorders, grief and loss, adjustment disorders and parenting issues. Experience working with clients from diverse cultural backrounds.

Miriam Zachary, MA, LMFT (Forest Lake) - Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and families. Individual therapy for children (10+) and adults. Mind/body techniques including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as well as traditional talk therapy. Works with anxiety, trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, anger, stress management, spiritual concerns, grief/loss, reconciliation and recovery from divorce.

Kathleen Kroska, MA, LP (St. Paul) - Licensed psychologist with excellent diagnostic and therapeutic skills. Special competencies in mind-body release techniques, spiritual development, well being, EMDR, eating disorders and other compulsive disorders, integrating contemporary methods with the ancient healing arts, and life coaching.

Rachel Litecky, MSW, LICSW (Forest Lake)
Individual therapy for children (age 10 and older)and adults. Specializing in therapy with adolescents and women. Other specialties include: depression, anxiety, stress management, low self esteem, social skills, and relationship challenges.

Linda Kordosky, MS, LMFT (Forest Lake) - Individual (adults and youth 10+), couple and family therapy; depression, anxiety, grief/loss, trauma, life transitions/adjustments, aging, attachment, social/behavioral struggles, spiritual concerns, relationship/family conflict, parenting (all ages), marriage restoration/premarital counseling (Prepare/Enrich certified); Christian Counseling offered; cognitive-behavioral, family systems, solution-focused, emotional freedom techniques, and other approaches as needed.

Mary Buchta, MSW, LICSW (Forest Lake) - Individual and couples therapy with adults and teens over 16. Medical conditions treated, but not limited to depression, anxiety, PTSD, adjustment disorder, grief and loss issues, domestic abuse and chronic pain/health conditions. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people; people from diverse cultures facing adversities. I have 20 years experience working with at-risk populations including but not limited to homelessness and psych/social issues that impact your physical and spiritual health and well being. I offer trust, compassion, ethical care and an environment of utmost safety that fosters and embraces the strength of each individual and honors cultural, spiritual and family values. Being mindful of where individuals are in the present moment, and on their journey to wellness is a strong value I embrace.

Anne Byer, Ph.D., LP (St. Paul) - Individual therapy with adolescents (12+) and adults. Generalist with experience in depression, anxiety, relationship stresses, parenting issues, life balance struggles, and developmental transitions (adolescent, young adulthood, midlife and retirement.)  Counseling approach emphasizing a strong therapeutic relationship while integrating cognitive-behavior strategies, attachment work, and self-acceptance techniques.

Mary Guest, MSW, LICSW (Forest Lake, Stillwater) - Individual therapy with adolescents (age 14+) and adults, all ages; relationship, family and group therapy. Practice areas include depression, anxiety and mood disorders, relationship and family concerns, grief and loss, attachment and adjustment disorders, life transitions, stress and anger management. Areas of special interest include women’s issues, brief, solution-focused therapy covered through workplace employee assistance programs, and working with adults living with severe and persistent mental illness. I take an active and supportive role in working collaboratively with clients, and utilize a variety of theoretical approaches to provide the most appropriate treatment for each individual’s specific goals. I offer warmth and appreciation for each person’s uniqueness, along with resource information and practical feedback, while helping you tap into your strengths to relieve immediate distress and make meaningful shifts forward.